EMT Refresher Training Program

Time to be recertified? Our EMT Refresher Training Program (RTP) makes certain you obtain the 24-hours of core curriculum training required by the National Registry and includes the Scope of Practice evaluation. 

At the end of the course we'll provide an hourly breakdown of the components you've passed so you can submit them to the National Registry for approval, along with the rest of your continuing education requirements. See NREMT.org for full details.

Course Length: 
24 Hours (3 Days)
  • Current EMT certification
  • Professional level CPR certification - this may be available at the RTP for an additional cost. Check details when registration.
Certifications Received: 
  • 24 hours CEU, including SOP evaluation
  • Notebook and pen for scenarios
  • Camp chair for lectures outside
  • Clothes appropriate for the weather: sunhat, warm hat, gloves, etc.
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Full rain gear (tops and bottoms) - we will be outside even in bad weather
  • Water bottle and snacks to keep energy up
  • Be sure to dress in layers and bring your full raingear (jacket and pants), as scenarios and practical stations run inside and outside regardless of the weather.

The RTP covers the 24 required core hours for NREMT recertification and includes the Scope of Practice Evaluation at course end. Review the recertification criteria for both the NREMT and NCOEMS on their websites. Prior review of your former course textbook and notes is highly recommended. There is no additional text for this course – Landmark has published an EMT manual that is included within your course tuition that you will receive on the first day of class.
The course will start with a 100-question multiple-choice exam. If a score of 80% is not attained there will be an opportunity to retest at course end. A score of 80% is the required standard.The course will include three Scope of Practice exams that are conducted in a structured practical exam setting using grading matrices as required by the NC Office of EMS and the National Registry of EMTs. Teaching methods include an emphasis on didactic lectures and hands-on, experiential workshops and scenarios.

NCOEMS Recredentialing Process for Non-Affiliated EMTs Utilizing Landmark Learning as the Training Office

  1. Complete the mandatory topic hours (60, see topic hour breakdown) within the 4-year credential period. MAINTAIN COPIES OF YOUR TRAINING CERTIFICATES.
    1. Complete a Refresher Training Program (RTP). Landmark Learning’s NCOEMS-approved RTP covers 24 hours of the mandatory topics (which are also the core topics for NREMT recredential) and includes a Scope of Practice (SOP) Evaluation.
    2. Complete JEMS training units, or other on-line training resources to meet the required 60 hours. Costs can vary.
    3. WMI and EMT Instructors can count a certain number of teaching hours each year to at least partially meet these topic requirements (24 hours max for WMI topics). CECBEMS hours shall be requested at course end on the student roster.
  2. Complete the SOP Evaluation in the final year of your credential (included in this RTP)
  3. Maintain your professional level CPR certification. This certification does not count toward any mandatory topic hours. It is considered an essential and independent piece of your EMT credential. An ASHI CPR Pro Renewal course is available as an optional module during the RTP.
  4. Send to the Landmark Learning office, 1 MONTH BEFORE YOUR EXPIRATION, copies of all your continuing education certificates, a copy of your CPR card, and the NC EMT Student Con Ed sheet provided to you at our RTP (we will not fill this form out for you we cannot turn your credential in unless this sheet is complete). Include your $35 processing fee when you submit it.
  5. Landmark Learning will manage approval of your recredential if the previous steps are followed. You can expect to receive your new certificate in the mail directly from NCOEMS.
  6. Immediately begin to obtain mandatory topic hours in your new credential period.

Re-credential Options for EMT in North Carolina

NC EMT is a 4-year credential

Option One

Work or volunteer for a rescue, fire or EMS service that documents mandatory continuing education hours for the governing system. 96 hours are required at 2
4 per year. Training officer is responsible for documentation and sometimes submission to the State EMS office. All mandatory topics must be covered.

Option Two

Unaffiliated EMT can take a North Carolina Refresher Program 60 hours prior to the expiration of certification period. This approved course, usually 5-7 days, will directly re-credential a EMT with no prior continuing education hours. Course will include written and Scope of Practice Exam.

Option Three

Unaffiliated EMT can obtain the mandatory topic hours 60 within the 4 year credential period through various documented means: Continuing education certificate, teaching First Responder or EMT curriculum for an approved NCOEMS institution (max 24 hours), teaching CPR courses (max 8 hours), clinical hours are not accepted.
A Scope of Practice Exam is required in the last year of the credential.
Required Topics and Hours:
  • (4) Preparatory (Medical Legal, Systems, Lifting/Moving, Well Being)
  • (6) Airway
  • (10) Patient Assessment
  • (10) Medical and Behavioral
  • (8) Trauma
  • (8) OBGYN, Infants and Children
  • (14) Elective (May Include Scope of Practice and Written Testing)
  • Total Hours = 60
All recredentialing EMT’s need a blue form filled out and completed for the Scope of Practice exam given in the 24hr recert course


Cullowhee, North Carolina

Wed, 2017-11-29 to Fri, 2017-12-01

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