Landmark Learning "Down East" for Maine WFR!

While it's summer at Landmark's base in NC, It's still chilly up in Presque Isle, Maine!

We're here in Presque Isle, Maine for 3 weeks of Landmark Learning coursework, WFR, SWR and WFA.

Mountain Sports Festival - Landmark Learning, WMI, and NOLS

Katie, Landmark/WMI of NOLS instructor and John, Landmark Program Coordinator represent at the Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville this weekend.

Landmark Learning attended a very hot and humid Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville this weekend!

Swiftwater Rescue on the Tuck!

JLO teaching before the group hit the river.

Swiftwater Rescue - doing some winter water?!

Some adventurous souls braved the winter water, to learn Swiftwater Rescue!

Off the Couch and into the Canoe

It's  Saturday Sept. 10th, the  morning of the 3rd Annual Cullowhee  Canoe Slalom and time is drifting down stream. As it floats past, Mairi Padgett leisurely makes her way down to the Tuckaseegee. She arrives at 9:30 believing to be half an hour early to scope out the scene and meet up with fellow Landmarkian Kevin Williams. What she realizes all to quickly is that the slalom race, which benefits CuRvE (the Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor), was already 30 minutes into full swing. With no time to spare she dashes back to her car, snags her PFD and seeks out Kevin.