Landmark Learning "Down East" for Maine WFR!

While it's summer at Landmark's base in NC, It's still chilly up in Presque Isle, Maine!

We're here in Presque Isle, Maine for 3 weeks of Landmark Learning coursework, WFR, SWR and WFA.

EMT Intensive - Can you say, "I'm an EMT Basic, do you need help?"

May/June EMT Intensive Students - Can you say, "I'm an EMT Basic, do you need help?"

Congratulations are in order for our EMT Intensive students!

Wilderness Lifeguard - Learning skills for backcountry waterfront prevention and monitoring.!

Justin P. teaching the students how to hold the rescue tube when the enter the water to make a rescue.

Another successful Wilderness Lifeguard course in Asheville, NC taught by instructors Justin Doroshenko and Justin Padgett.

Wilderness EMT - Getting good at saving lives!

EMT Intensive - Week #2 and #3

Mairi teaching the Infant CPR topic during week #2.

Christine Hoyer is employee of the year for Great Smokey Mountain National Park!

Congratulations are in order for Christine Hoyer!

Southern Adventist University - WFR in the Cherokee Hut

Laura giving one of many lessons during the WFR.

Student Update: Mike Abbott - Canyoneering and Seizures

Mike Abbott - Canyoneering and Seizures

Cane Creek WFR - hypothermia, mass casualty incidents, and medical emergencies!

Group photo after a very successful "Lightning Strike" scenario!

Student Update: Danny Ampulski

Swiftwater Rescue on the Tuck!

JLO teaching before the group hit the river.