Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals - Cullowhee, NC

"Hypothermia Day" is always a fun day! This is when the victims have to spend a fair amount of time laying in Cane Creek (even in the Winter). The rescuers have to assess the scene and remove the victim from the water and treat them for their injuries. Everyone gets cold and wet on in this scenario!

Student Update: Jessica and Art respond to auto accident leaving WFR training

Art maintaining spinal immobilization on a patient as the other student improvises a neck brace during the WFR training.

Landmark community,

Landmark Learning "Down East" for Maine WFR!

While it's summer at Landmark's base in NC, It's still chilly up in Presque Isle, Maine!

We're here in Presque Isle, Maine for 3 weeks of Landmark Learning coursework, WFR, SWR and WFA.

Outward Bound WFR - Teaching, Turtles and Florida Heat!

Jason giving a lecture during the Outward Bound WFR.

Landmark Learning and WMI of NOLS had a great Wilderness First Responder course hosted in Scottsmoor, Florida by Outward Bound.

EMT Intensive - Can you say, "I'm an EMT Basic, do you need help?"

May/June EMT Intensive Students - Can you say, "I'm an EMT Basic, do you need help?"

Congratulations are in order for our EMT Intensive students!

Wilderness Lifeguard - Learning skills for backcountry waterfront prevention and monitoring.!

Justin P. teaching the students how to hold the rescue tube when the enter the water to make a rescue.

Another successful Wilderness Lifeguard course in Asheville, NC taught by instructors Justin Doroshenko and Justin Padgett.

Wilderness EMT - Getting good at saving lives!

EMT Intensive - Week #2 and #3

Mairi teaching the Infant CPR topic during week #2.

Middle Tennessee State University - WFR

Scenario: Mass Casualty Incident with burns, broken bones, medical emergencies, and spinal injuries!

WFR on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University

Mountain Sports Festival - Landmark Learning, WMI, and NOLS

Katie, Landmark/WMI of NOLS instructor and John, Landmark Program Coordinator represent at the Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville this weekend.

Landmark Learning attended a very hot and humid Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville this weekend!

Mount Everest - Altitude Sickness

The Mount Everest climbing season has been plagued by bad weather.  Summit attempts have been delayed because of this, and a few days ago when the weather did briefly break, everyone rushed to the summit at the same time.