Landmark Learning

Middle Tennessee State University - WFR

Scenario: Mass Casualty Incident with burns, broken bones, medical emergencies, and spinal injuries!

WFR on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University

Mountain Sports Festival - Landmark Learning, WMI, and NOLS

Katie, Landmark/WMI of NOLS instructor and John, Landmark Program Coordinator represent at the Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville this weekend.

Landmark Learning attended a very hot and humid Mountain Sports Festival in Asheville this weekend!

Christine Hoyer is employee of the year for Great Smokey Mountain National Park!

Congratulations are in order for Christine Hoyer!

Mount Everest - Altitude Sickness

The Mount Everest climbing season has been plagued by bad weather.  Summit attempts have been delayed because of this, and a few days ago when the weather did briefly break, everyone rushed to the summit at the same time.

Southern Adventist University - WFR in the Cherokee Hut

Laura giving one of many lessons during the WFR.

Student Update: Mike Abbott - Canyoneering and Seizures

Mike Abbott - Canyoneering and Seizures

Cane Creek WFR - hypothermia, mass casualty incidents, and medical emergencies!

Group photo after a very successful "Lightning Strike" scenario!

Rob Barham - Representing Team Landmark!

Team Landmark Racing was represented by instructor Rob Barham at the Lake Junaluska Bunny Run 5K over the Easter weekend.

Student Update: Danny Ampulski

Swiftwater Rescue on the Tuck!

JLO teaching before the group hit the river.