swiftwater rescue

Swiftwater Rescue Classes in Ecuador

I just got back from teaching three Swiftwater Rescue courses Landmark Learning's partner in Ecuador, Mingai.  Many thanks to Mingai director Felipe Jacome for putting these courses together and to instructor Alex Dent for helping me teach!

Meeting with Medwest EMS

I was pleased to spend some time with the medics of Medwest EMS in Sylva, NC and provide an update on drowning and resuscitation care.  The presentation was well attended.  Over the past six months or so, I have been researching, studying and talking with national experts as I travel and teach lifeguards in the US and abroad.  It's the influence of folks like Jill White, Justin Sempstrott, Seth Hawkins and Tod Schmilpfenig that encourage me to look deeper in the how we educate others on drowning.