Wilderness Medicine

Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester - A Student's Perspective

It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college that I started truly thinking about my life goals and aspirations. I had just finished transferring from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire to Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. I knew that I wanted my future to involve working with people in a ministry setting. I was-- and still am-- very passionate about being involved in the the public ministry. Around that same time, I had started co-leading trips for a camp: rock climbing, caving, canoeing, etc. I wasn't expecting to fall in love with all the details of leading trips.

Gratitude from a Landmark Student

Heavy like a knot made of concrete is how my stomach felt as I drove around the corner and saw the people out of their cars with cell phones in hand. The person was lying face down on the hill with their twisted motorcycle in the ditch. My heart rate increased as I slowed down and pulled off to the side of the road. I checked my mirrors for traffic got out of the car and pulled my first aid kit from my climbing pack in the trunk. It was a hot summer day and I had just left work taking folks multi pitch climbing up at Table Rock North Carolina.

Furthering Education with Landmark's GI Bill

Landmark Learning is the ideal learning institution for honing critical skills for outdoor, emergency, and tactical environments. The instructors were excellent and actual practitioners with decades of knowledge and experience. In my previous career I was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps infantry. In my new career I’m a college graduate (thank you GI Bill) and avid outdoor wanderer.

Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship Supporters



Two final updates to share with you as we close out 2014. Thanks again for your support of a great Externship season this Aug-Sep!


Sweden's Peak Performance Competitor Has Four Legs

Landmark Learning affiliate Mingai provided medical support for the racers at the multi-sport race in Ecuador.  Mingai employs WMI WFR and WEMT graduates from around the world to post up along this rugged race course - maybe one of the most rugged and varied terrain adventure race in the world.

Justin Padgett Presents at the 2014 International AEE Conference

I was pleased to represent the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute this last weekend at the AEE International conference.  I shared wilderness medicine case studies with a large group of attendees.  A reality check rang out through the room as we looked at difficult medical and evacuation decisions our students make in remote places.

Wilderness Medicine Externship

The Carolina Wilderness EMS externs returned to Landmark Learning again this year to see an insider’s view of wilderness medicine education. Ryan Circh is a fourth year emergency medicine resident from Johns Hopkins Hospital. David Amsalem is a fourth year medical student from Vanderbilt University.

WFR Student Puts Her Skills To The Test!

Hey Landmark! 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a cool opportunity to use my WFR skills that I learned from you guys last spring.

WFR Course Experience: From A Student

Over the past nine days, my fellow Young Harris College students and I have had the opportunity of taking a Wilderness First Responder course through Landmark Learning. We strengthened our bond as a class embarking on the very challenging endeavor of our “Discovery” semester in our Outdoor Leadership major.

Hiker Hostel Puts on Great WFR in North Georgia!

What happens when instructors Justin Doroshenko and Kevin Williams travel to Dahlonega, Georgia to teach wilderness medicine to a great group of people at a hostel near the Appalachian Trail? Magic, humor, and learning -- that's what. We had a fantastic group of students from all walks of life, and they're now prepared to prevent and treat people from "deceasing" in the wilderness!