January WUMP

Rob Barham and Jon Lowrance wrapped up a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP) course this week.

Table Rock WFR

With sub freezing temps in the wake of an ice storm on course start morning the stage was set for an adventurous 9 days of Wilderness Medicine in the shadow of Table Rock Mountain at the historic North Carolina Outward Bound TR Base camp.  Eleven students in the midst of a 50 day outdoor leader course with OB were joined by eleven students from the general public to form a well rounded and diverse class.  Students hailed from all over the US as well as Mexico, Columbia, Sweden and China! 

WFR at Landmark Learning

Rob and Dan recently finished the March Wilderness First Responder class at the Landmark Learning base.  The instructors and students experienced some serious spring fever with the predictably unpredictable mountain weather starting with snow and transitioning into beautiful sunny days.   Students came from as far as Alaska, but we had an unusually strong local representation from right here in Jackson country, North Carolina.  Thanks for a great week everybody!


On March 16, 2014 Landmark instructors Laura and Beth successfully graduated 29 new Wilderness First Responders and sent them off into the world with big smiles all around. This day marked the completion of the first WFR course ever held at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and it was a resounding success. We thoroughly enjoyed springtime temperatures in the 60s and 70s and spent much of our time outside, practicing splints and ankle taping in the sunshine and watching the cherry blossoms come into full bloom.

WFR at Blowing Rock Conference Center

Scott and Kevin headed out to a windy Blowing Rock for an awesome course with 26 students. Blowing Rock Conference Center proved to be a great host for our 9 day Wilderness First Responder Course. We had a great course with very amazing students who were ready to learn. A big shout out from the instructional team to those students who made a great course happen!


Instructor Update: Katie Coley, the new App. State Outdoor Programs Coordinator

Katie on Mont Blanc in the Alps.

Congratulations are in order for Katie Coley!  She is the new Outdoor Program Coordinator at Appalachian State University.

Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals - Cullowhee, NC

"Hypothermia Day" is always a fun day! This is when the victims have to spend a fair amount of time laying in Cane Creek (even in the Winter). The rescuers have to assess the scene and remove the victim from the water and treat them for their injuries. Everyone gets cold and wet on in this scenario!

Student Update: Jessica and Art respond to auto accident leaving WFR training

Art maintaining spinal immobilization on a patient as the other student improvises a neck brace during the WFR training.

Landmark community,

Landmark Learning "Down East" for Maine WFR!

While it's summer at Landmark's base in NC, It's still chilly up in Presque Isle, Maine!

We're here in Presque Isle, Maine for 3 weeks of Landmark Learning coursework, WFR, SWR and WFA.

Outward Bound WFR - Teaching, Turtles and Florida Heat!

Jason giving a lecture during the Outward Bound WFR.

Landmark Learning and WMI of NOLS had a great Wilderness First Responder course hosted in Scottsmoor, Florida by Outward Bound.