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Are you all about the outdoors and coming up short with suggestions for Santa? Or maybe you're looking for inspiration for a sister/brother/friend/aunt/coworker who loves adventures? In either case, the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina are here to rescue you with outdoor gear and accessories for any budget, and for any interest! Happy holidays y'all :)

Check out the 2015 Gear Guide brought to you locally!

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Gratitude from a Landmark Student

Heavy like a knot made of concrete is how my stomach felt as I drove around the corner and saw the people out of their cars with cell phones in hand. The person was lying face down on the hill with their twisted motorcycle in the ditch. My heart rate increased as I slowed down and pulled off to the side of the road. I checked my mirrors for traffic got out of the car and pulled my first aid kit from my climbing pack in the trunk. It was a hot summer day and I had just left work taking folks multi pitch climbing up at Table Rock North Carolina. I don’t know how I felt other than hopeful that they were alive and I could do something. I walked over and verified with the crowd that EMS had...
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Scholarship Winner: Reflections of a WFR Course

Leigha Pennington is a Beckwith Scholarship recipient from the Landmark Foundation. Leigha joined Landmark Learning recently in Cullowhee, to take her NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute WFR course:

"Receiving my WFR certification was an experience I’ll never forget. My time at Landmark Learning not only allowed me to receive the training and knowledge I needed to become a confident...
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Leave No Trace Master Educator

This week Landmark Learning hosted Princeton University and Garrett College for two simultaneous Leave No Trace Master Educator courses.  This unique opportunity gave both courses the chance to work together on the first and last day of the course.  Instructors Katie Glockner, from Princeton University, and Jon Lowrance led the Princeton course while Jason Carter and Andy Glas led the Garrett College course.


Both courses spent four days and...
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Furthering Education with Landmark's GI Bill

Landmark Learning is the ideal learning institution for honing critical skills for outdoor, emergency, and tactical environments. The instructors were excellent and actual practitioners with decades of knowledge and experience. In my previous career I was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps infantry. In my new career I’m a college graduate (thank you GI Bill) and avid outdoor wanderer. Landmark Learning had the courses that fit my schedule and time frame. They gave me the skill and knowledge base to continue...
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The Relief Medic Volunteer Program 2015

The Relief Medic Volunteer Program through Mingai is going to be August 9-22, 2015. The program is looking for current healthcare workers (WFR'S, EMT's, nurses and physicians) interested in gaining new skills and experiences with third world conditions and challenges. MINGAI is a non-profit Foundation certified by the Ministry of Labour as a Center for First Aid Training which aims to spread First Aid in wildlife and remote areas. Since 2006, Mingai has been an affiliate of Landmark Learning providing...
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Community Relief Medic Course

I enjoyed spending the weekend with the Christ School faculty and upper classmen as we shared the Community Relief Medic coursework.  This Landmark Learning original course lends itself to travel abroad groups that are on construction and educational programs.  And that's exactly what Christ School plans to do again this year in both Europe and Central America.  In addition, these folks have created an on campus emergency response team to support the students and faculty that reside on campus.  The Community Relief Medic...
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January WUMP

Rob Barham and Jon Lowrance wrapped up a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP) course this week.  The WUMP was also the fourth week of Landmark Learning’s Wilderness EMT program which saw several EMT students staying to add the Big “W” to their certification.  “The students were fantastic - we had so much fun working with 17 healthcare providers...
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Week 2: EMT Intensive

Week two covered a lot of new material through lecture and reading.  Those concepts are intertwined with scenarios to prepare students for emergency calls an EMT is likely to encounter.  Many students have already experienced the reality of such scenarios they learned in class during their time on clinicals riding with local EMS crews.  This week has been challenging and, approperiate to the course name, has felt very intense.  However, as this EMT Intensive week has progressed, the concepts and the hands-on assessments has led to students building even more confidence. This is the...
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WFR at Lutheridge

Bryan Dixon and I got to teach at Lutheridge in Asheville to a great batch of students. During the course we had to deal with some real rough weather for rescue-40's and raining for several days followed by straight up frigid weather with a brisk breeze.  There's no weather like miserable weather to teach WFR's in!  We also tried to beat the flu season as best we could-hygeine was numero uno to keep the sniffles at bay.  Despite going through gobs of hand sanitizer, things still circulated around. We stuck it out and folks headed back to all corners of the country to keep climbing and paddling and hiking with their new found wilderness first responder skills. Good luck folks!

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